Monday, February 28, 2011

Make That Money, Make That Money Baby

And I quote:
"I'm so claustrophobic under here!"
"Does that thing always have to flash?"
"It's riding up again!"
"It's dark and itchy under here."

If my bellybutton could talk, I know that is exactly what it would be saying. Why you ask?

I have turned myself into a lab rat. Yep, you read correctly, a lab rat. I am selling my body for the name of "science."

Why am I doing this? Because I am a good citizen and want to promote woman's health? Because I believe in the scientific process? Because I love service? Because I wanted to bond with my roommates via an annoying waist band?



Not even good money! Just money. I'm a college student and I need to treat myself to some fro yo sometimes right??

So I have to wear that beautifully awful waist band for 1 whole month of my life (only in one week increments but same difference.) The reason this is on my mind at the moment is because the band is on my waist at the moment. It is difficult to pick clothes with a thing protruding from my hip bone, especially when that thing blinks every 3 seconds (I timed it). It slides around my stomach as I walk. It is always in the spot I want to lay on while I'm sleeping. To sum it up, there is a partaaay going on around my waist.

But! I do not mind one bit because after this is all done and I have bonded with this band for a few weeks, I will be rich. 50 dollars rich to be exact. HA!

Next up, Plasma. Got to get me to Thailand somehow!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Could Write You A Symphony

Come to my apartment between 6 am and 8:30ish am and you will hear a symphony.

...Of alarms...

A chorus of beeps, static radio, hands slamming the snooze, and tossing and turning serenades us as we all wake up. You put 6 snooze lovin girls together and what do you get? Rachel holdin down the bass with the beep, sarah rockin the harmony with the vibrate, and me belting the vocals with the static radio. Pure symphonic chaos.

I love it. Somehow my mind is trained to my alarm only, how that works i'll never know. I didn't even begin as a snooze pushin person! I used to force myself awake when my alarm went off and now I've spoiled myself with self indulgent snooze pushing! I don't really mind that I push snooze, I have just learned to set my alarm a half hour early. The only problem, I have two helpless people stuck in the same room while the static endlessly plays in 9 minute intervals.

I am sure they ask themselves, "why can't she at least find a good station?" And to that I answer, "Cause Provo is a bunker. No radio stations work on my ghetto alarm clock!!"

I personally find the symphony endearing, and let's be honest...I am never awake to enjoy it at it's fullest (i'm never the first up).
The highlight of the whole thing though, Rachel. Wow. If you want to see a fast reflex you have got to see her hit that snooze button point one seconds after it beeps. It's so impressive, it blows my mind every time!!! World record time I just know it. I realized that she needs to train me. That way I can enjoy my snooze button and keep my staticy radio OUT of our already impressive symphony.

The other symphony in our apartment, the dishwasher. I'm convinced it cycles to some mysterious beat. But that is for another day.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'll Huff, I'll Puff, I'll Blow You Away

Blind Date...

Two words I am not too fond of, not gonna lie.

I am only 20, but I think I have been on a good amount of blind dates to say that i'm not a fan.
However, I am aware that they do some good. My sister met her amazing husband on a blind date and i'm sure there are many many more with the same story. That is why I keep saying yes. They really have not all been bad, and seriously if anything, they have all provided great stories that's for sure...

Summary of blind date experiences thus far, in no particular order (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

9 hours long
Mormon board game
Raper Van
4 games of bowling
Nurf gun war in a building on campus (I highly recommend it)
An arm scratch in one spot for an hour and a half (I highly DON'T recommend it. A numb arm is a useless arm)
A dodged doorstep kiss
A looooong TRAX ride
Yummy Chinese food
The list goes on

Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful to have gone on these dates. I am grateful for the guys willing to take me on them, and for those people that set me up. I really did have a lot of fun now that I look back on them. I learned a lot that's for sure. Maybe i'm just bad at blind dates, maybe i'm just bad at dates in general. Well that's a bummer isn't it? I'll work on it. My other date stories are a whole other post in themselves!

But I'm waiting for that date that will just blow me away. I'm not talkin full on love here people! I just want to be blown away is that too much to ask?! I want to find a new friend, or a positive memorable experience, someone that I want in my life whether as a friend or more. Seriously, I am in NO rush to be married. But I sure wouldn't mind having an eventful date here and there.

Too much to ask?

Well maybe, but i'm keepin up the hope. I'll be blown away one day I just know it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

I feel like myself, my roommates, my friends, well I guess everyone around this age is embarking on this "long and winding road" that everyone seems to talk about. It's this mysterious road that old people mention. I'm learning it refers to every day choices, life decisions, monumental situations that are happening and will keep happening.

Any decision we make these days effects the ones we made yesterday, changes the one we made two days ago, makes us questions the ones we'll make tomorrow, makes us dread the ones in the coming years, makes us hurry along the time now to get to the ones later. What a mess right??

Sometimes I feel like what is going on in this sign is going on in my head.

I choose something now and feel good with the path. But just wait for tomorrow when that path will change. I have a feeling this is how life will be for a while. Maybe it's time I just sit back and enjoy the ride instead of waiting for the ride to be over. Maybe just life in general is the ride. There is no way to rush it, it can't be predicted, might as well just enjoy the scenery!

Monday, February 21, 2011

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Famous, I Wanna Be A Star, I Wanna Be In Movies

Why does every kid want to be famous when they grow up? Okay maybe that is not every kids goal, but it sure was mine.

I think I was introduced to this goal when I was introduced to the movie Annie.

Ever seen it? I’m currently watching it right now, don’t be too jealous.

Red head little orphan girl, hard knock life, finds a dog named Sandy, adopted by a bald Daddy Warbucks, crazy drunk orphanage owner tries to sabotage the happiness by dancing all sketchy with her bro (eww), climbs up some huge ladder and saved by a gypsy dude. All live happily ever after. Sound familiar?

Well let me tell you! I had this whole thing memorized to a T. Red dress, black shoes, heart locket, stuffed animal dog, and entire prop bag to prove it. I would act it all out, belt out the songs, nap during the boring part (I guess that is where I learned my love of naps), and even climb up my aunts couch during the intense chase scene. I may have thought I was Annie let’s be honest, an identity crisis as a 6 year old. Let’s keep the fact that this is all caught on tape a secret…humiliating in the least.

Boy was I destined for the big screen. The only thing I was lacking was a singing voice; I just figured my charm and good looks (ha!) would distract them from the fact that I can’t carry a tune… (If Ke$ha can sing, I can too right?).

Now that I look back on it, why in the world did I want to be famous? I’m almost convinced that I knew J Bieber was coming along and it was my only way to him. Yep, that has got to be the answer. J Bieber is always the answer.

So now that I’m 20, does that mean I can never be the little curly hair red head orphan? Yeah I guess so. Bummer. I guess that just leaves me to the drunk Ms. Hannigan? Broadway here I come!

And remember, You're never fully dressed without a smile!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Still Haven't Met You Yet

Too much of anything makes you an addict.
I'm addicted.

To love?

Nope, to nail polish.
You probably thought this song was about love, Ha! You were mistaken.

I was just looking at my nail polish collection and thinking, for considering myself addicted I sure don't have that great of colors.
With names like:
Mint Sprint
Snappy Sorbet
Fluorescent Pink
Kiss of Approval
etc. etc.

I still feel like I haven't met that dream color ya know? Like the go to, gotta love it kind. Hmm, maybe one day.
I just haven't met you yet.

Man am I excited for a break! After thinking all week about Karl Marx, Max Weber, NPO fundraising, Jimmer, Valentines Day, Thailand, Soc Theory, Jimmer (oh did I already mention that? What is a BYU girls blog without mentioning him huh?) and other endless homework, all my mind can think about is nail polish??? Wow, talk about an all time low.

All I can say, thank you Presidents. And thank you for creating a day to celebrate yourselves.

Monday, February 14, 2011

When You Dream, Dream Big

My most commonly asked question:
What is your major?
My second most commonly asked question:
Sociology? What are you going to do with that?

What I want to say: "Well, I wanna change the world. What do you think about that huh??"

But I refrain because we would both know that that isn't even possible. I do however choose to dream big. Why limit myself when the world around me is so ready to place limits on me. Someone has to be my biggest motivator, and I guess that person has to be me.

Actually, I think these are the people that motivate me.I realize that I can not have a big impact on the world, but maybe, just maybe, I can have an impact on a few lives.
What do I want to do with sociology you ask?
"I want to use it as a gateway to serve. I want to help nonprofit organizations be the most effective they can possibly be. I want to help all the people that I can through these organizations that serve the people all around the world. I want to help children so they are not hungry. I want to promote health and wellbeing. I want to bless others with freedom. I want people to know they are loved and cared for." I guess to sum it up, "I want to change the world"

Yeah, I understand that is a long shot. It is too much for me to take on. But I can dream big right? Why start small when I can start big? If no one is willing to dream big then how would this world ever get any better? on poverty, and sadness, and war, and evil, and tears. They are no match for my big dreams!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

These Words Are My Own, From My Heart Flown


Today was sort of an overwhelming day. More self inflicted than anything though. I'm trying to figure out my life and my big deal right? Well, as I sat reading one of my books for class I couldn't help but think about all the people that I love. I figure it's more fun thinking about them than all the things I should be doing or deciding.

Wow, the list is ENDLESS. But I think a few of them deserve a shout out. blog style.

Meet my fam. They are awesome. Simply put. There are two little boys missing from the picture, luckily we are taking more family pictures before I leave for Thailand, but this one will do for now. I think we are summed up pretty well in this one. Maybe not our proudest moment but boy is there a lot of love! I often wonder how I got so lucky. I have amazing parents who have given everything to us kids. They are the most hardworking, loving, understanding, caring people I know. And easily the best parents in the world, no battle.
My siblings. Where do I begin?? They are easily the best examples I could ever ask for. They all married the best people and I am glad that as I get older I get closer and closer to them. I wouldn't trade my memories with them for anything. Sometimes I wish I got to live with them longer, but now I understand how lucky I am. I get to play games with them, I get to play with the best nieces and nephews in the world, and I get to watch the best examples of how I should live my life. Man, I love my family a lot.

Meet sc7.These girls got me through high school, and now college. I think we beat the odds as well. Everyone told us that we would not be friends past jr. year, we proved that wrong. They said we would not be friends after high school, proved that wrong too. And they said we would be married one year after high school, no rings for any of us yet....yet. I was blessed with these beautiful, hilarious, adventurous, caring, AWESOME girls. I would give anything for us all to be together again, but distance makes the heart grow fonder right? On earth and in heaven baby!! ohh and op 218 :)

And those beautiful girls are my roommates. It's crazy to think that I've only known them for a year and a half. Between all the late night hall chats, kitchen sleepovers, caramel brownies, and tears and laughing we are, shall we say, sisters. They are meant to be in my life, how cool that I get to have two amazing groups of girl friends?? They make me better just knowing them. These girls are so understanding, patient, and totally crazy. We have had some crazy adventures that's for sure. And I can say 100% that they have made my college experience the best thing ever. We Don't Stoop.

Well, now that I got my dose of happiness for the night, I guess I can get back to my homework. For some reason it's always easier to focus when I realize once again how totally lucky I am.

Really though, I think I just love everyone. I have a lot of amazing people in my life. If you read this, guaranteed you are one of them!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here It Goes, Here It Goes Again

Lets analyze this picture...I have probably never looked so happy.
As far as I can remember, I was happy for two reasons.
1. I was about 10 steps from the finish line
2. I thought that was the last time I was ever going to run that far...ever.

Don't get me wrong, finishing that half marathon is one of my biggest personal accomplishments thus far. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned that I could push myself farther than I thought I could. That I could get myself to do something I absolutely hated, running. And I really do have the will power to get up and run at six in the a.m.... who would have thought? I go again!

April 30th I'll be running another one. Cute Hayley Pingree that I met in the Hill Cumorah Pageant this summer and who is now married to my wards 2nd counselor is the motivating force behind this one. Her first day in my ward she brought up this race and for some reason I thought it would be fun to run with her. Honestly, I am excited to start training again. Yes, I guess I admit it. I like to run. I never thought the day would exist that I would actually want to run. I figure I have to take advantage of this feeling while I've got it. It may only last one more week or so.

I don't run. I'm not a runner. But I am a sucker for competition. I like to compete with myself, which really comes in handy about mile 8 and I want to quit. Sure, it's only a half marathon. But that's about a solid 10 miles more than I had ever run in my life. So I guess, let the games begin! The race is exactly 12 weeks from this coming Saturday. That means training starts...tomorrow.

I guess I better go add the next Harry Potter chapters to my ipod (I highly recommend running to them). There was nothing like finishing the race as Harry and Hermione escaped from Voldemort at Luna's house in the final book. Talk about successes for all three of us right?!

Ohh and! This is the Thanksgiving Point one. Can you think of a better place to start 13.1 miles than the peak of a tulip festival ?? Cause I sure can't.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Don’t Speak Spanish, Japanese or French

But how about Thai?

Okay lets be honest, I don’t speak Thai either. But at least I’m trying…

Now to why this blog even exists.

In three months I will be here

Working with these people

Through my minor I have the opportunity of doing an internship with the Life Development Center in Chiang Mai Thailand. I will be gone all spring and summer, May 7th to Aug 19th. I am beyond excited but scared out of my mind. I will be across the world in a culture and environment I have never experienced, but that’s all part of the adventure right? This trip is not about me though. The Life Development Center travels around the Hill Tribes in northern Thailand and teaches about health and AIDS prevention. This will allow me to see how the nonprofit works by helping them write grants, organize their teaching methods, and work with the local Thai people.

The language barrier will make this challenging but also rewarding as I learn to bond with those that I serve. To prepare for this trip I’m attempting to learn Thai. ATTEMPTING is the key word. I have the class every day of the week and still feel like I’m never going to catch on. I’m just hoping the effort I put forth now will pay off the four months I’m in Thailand. Maybe by August when I’m coming home I’ll actually know how to say bye.

I know that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I am excited to work so hard for the people in Thailand, and hope that I’ll benefit them in some way.

I’m excited for:

Riding elephants

Playing with tigers

Zip-lining through the forest

Rafting the Mekong River

Experiencing the Thai transvestites (I hear they have the most in the world)

Trying new food

Plus so so much more

But I really am most excited to meet the Thai people. I have heard only the best things and know my life will change forever! 3 more months woohoo! The only problem is trying to focus on school until then…

Chook dii kha (good luck in Thai)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anything But Ordinary

Tipping Bucket…ever heard of it?

Well it is this awesome thing online that lets ordinary people to extraordinary things.

All you do is submit a project with how much money you need to complete it and a time frame to raise the money in. People then look at the project online and decide if they want to donate. If they do and you reach your goal in the time limit then you get all the money to complete the project. If you do not reach the goal then the donor’s money is put back on their credit card.

How beautifully simple is that?! Their theme is “Change the world, or your money back!” Love it.

Mix Tipping Bucket with my International Studies assignment and it got me thinking…

I found this statistic:

In sub-Saharan Africa, measles takes the life of a child nearly every minute of every day, but an effective measles vaccine costs as little as $1 per child.

There are children dying that don’t need to be. Simply put, one dollar for one life. I can help that one child, and maybe even thousands!!! Now is just figuring out how to do it… Mark my words though, I’ll figure out a way.

Watch for me and the children of Africa on Tipping Bucket. It may be in a few months or a few years, but it will happen.


One less frozen yogurt, almost four children alive

One less shirt from the mall, almost twenty children alive

One less café rio salad, almost nine children alive

How easy is that??

I am ordinary.

But my dollar combined with thousands of others, we together can be Anything but Ordinary.