Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You're the one who brought me to my senses, and I thank you for that

I'm trying to figure out my brand.

Just do it
I'm lovin it
Taste the Rainbow
Every kiss begins with Kay

There are so many famous brands out there and I figure, why can't I be one too? Obviously not right now, but who is to say I can't be famous in my own way some day? (and obviously it'll be for poetry, because how poetic was that last line?! I mean really, that is some tough stuff to write.)

But in all seriousness- I am writing a paper for a class about my own personal "brand." This required me to interview 4 people I've worked closely with in a professional setting. Well school is about as professional as I get these days, but it really was interesting to get honest feedback about what others think of me.

And how fitting because as I was writing my paper I took the inevitable fbook break in my five minute interval like usual. Fbook 5 min, write 5 words. rinse and repeat.

And I happened to FINALLY watch this video that everyone has been posting

(if you have not watched it yet it is well worth your time)

But this little kid president, who I would totally vote for btw, summed up exactly what I want my brand to be.

I don't want to change the world per-say. I mean, I would if I could but lets be realistic here.

But I sure wanna give it a reason to dance.

We are either giving life or taking life from everyone we meet. Not only do I want to give them life opposed to take it, but I want to give them a life full of dancing. Both figuratively and literally.

Every word I speak I want to speak it in love.

Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve -Martin Luther King Jr.

We can all make people dance.
We can all keep long as it's something worth believing in
And we can all follow this smart little boys advice

and DO something. STOP being boring. everyone can be boring.

Anything. Big. Small. Seriously, anything. Just DO it.

No one can make my brand except myself. I am the one who forges my path and chooses which road I take.

And I choose to take the road less traveled.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh Baby, Baby

Sometimes on Tuesdays when the end of the week seems too far away, and the Wednesday assignments are hanging over your head, and you just wish you have been sleeping since the moment you woke up- well those are the days you need a laugh.

And what is always a good source of laughs?

Baby pictures.

In fact, my old roommates got hold of one of my baby pictures and laughed so hard until they cried. And not only that- they would text the picture to everyone they would see for the next few months until far too many people had laughed until they cried at my baby pictures.

So why stop now? Your turn!

Consider this a gift from me to you.

Happy end of Tuesday!

double chin at its best

scared ya? 

Cougar born and raised I guess

destined for crazy hair from the beginning..

and may your hair never look like the picture above.

it is my sincere wish for all

especially my future children...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's a Party HEY!

 Next up! The party number one!! We were lucky enough to have two because I up and married an out-of state-er.

I hear there was good food and good fun!

I wouldn't know about the good food part though...I didn't have much of it.

I did manage to squeeze in an ice cream cookie sandwich between customers in line. I mean, having ice cream cookie sandwiches was about the only request I made for all of my joke.
No spilling on the dress!

The reception was beautiful. With 100% credit going to my mom and sister. They worked so hard while I was gone and I'll always be grateful for that. Not one detail was missed.

And everyone looked so great in all of their wedding clothes. From the little boys suspenders to the overload of mint and coral- I can never thank all of our friends and family enough for loving us, supporting us, and spending their ENTIRE day with us.

There are times in life when pictures mean more than others. I'll always treasure my wedding pictures, but the next one is something i'll never forget. My sweet aunt was able to come to my wedding before she passed away a few months ago. She always talked about my party she was going to come to, and she made it, and i'll always be grateful for that.

The only proof that I had a bouquet...

Then the always memorable cake cutting, dancing, and bouquet throwing. They must be done! My sweet roommate Rachel and her brother recorded our song so we could dance to it. Rachel's singing has always been my favorite and often serenaded me as I fell asleep during college. It was only fitting to hear her voice as Jonathan and I danced our first dance.

Boy did I want to smash that in his face....but I resisted (you're welcome Karen ;) )

It was so cute when the little kids started watching us dance. I miss all those little girls thinking I was a princess :)


What a day it was. From the beautiful words spoken to us at the wedding, to our best friends and family surrounding us during an awesome wedding lunch, then the party of a lifetime. It really was amazing to see so many people show up to support us. I'll never forget it. I have truly never felt more loved in all of my life.

THANK YOU from the deepest part of my heart- to everyone that was involved in any way!