Wednesday, March 13, 2013

London Calling

I feel like school has never been so crazy.

I find myself doing my work and homework for today, tomorrow, and the next two weeks. All this week.

No good.

And last night the stress of it all finally caught up to me when I got out of bed at 11:30 pm and started doing more homework because I couldn't sleep and I couldn't waste precious time waiting until I did fall asleep.

But holy cow is it worth it. Because in two days I will be spending a day in San Francisco then...FLYING TO LONDON!

Wait, do you hear that sound?

I think it must be London calling!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Like to...MOVE IT!

With Europe one week from tomorrow (woohoo!!!) I realize that my marathon training is quickly approaching.

I keep telling myself that i'll start once we get back from Europe so I don't have a break in my training. I mean, i've done a few runs here or there...but nothing like "i've got to survive 26.2 miles in a few months" kinda runs

That excuse sounds good and all, until I remember i'm actually just waiting until after Europe because I want to. Because I am scared. Because that is a whole lotta running in my future so of course i'll delay it as long as possible.

So when I should be studying but am not, and not looking up pictures of Europe, I am looking up stuff about marathons.

Training Schedules

You name it, i've probably read it.

But for more my sake and to ease my troubled heart, i'm writing some of them down here.

To begin:

Top 25 Marathon training tips

1. Figure out your stride
2. Be choosy with your sneakers
3. Protect from Blisters (pick good socks)
4. Cross train (do something other than running twice a week)
5. Calcium for your bones
6. Gradually increase millage
7. No high heels
8. Wear a heart rate monitor
9. Avoid pollution
10. Ice!
11. Get a maternity sports bra to avoid chaffing (okay I one warned me about this...)
12. No pasta carbo-load before the race, instead pick carbohydrate drinks
13. Pre-mix gels in water (to be taken every 30 min.)
14. Train with race day sports drink
15. Visualize your success (finally one I can do from a couch...i'm in!)
16. Find a mantra (any good ideas out there?)
17. Have friends run some training miles with you
18. "Don't wait to answer natures call" (...enough said)
19. Have more fun with distance runs
20. "If you're running in the mornings, it's more important than ever that you learn to er, clear the chute, before you head out the door." (these are getting more and more awkward as we go?)
21. Wear a hat
22. Stash your water supply somewhere along your long run
23. Take it one mile at a time
24. It's okay to miss a few training runs
25. Don't think- just GO

Well...some of those sound a little too intense for me. I'm just going for survival here. Not speed. But all good information to ease my worried mind.

That last one rang true though.

When my alarm goes off and everything in my mind and body is willing me to stay in bed. I need to STOP thinking...and just GO!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Everywhere you Look

Sometimes life seems to go full circle.

You start one place, then one year later you find yourself in the exact same spot.

But when you think about it that way, you miss all the stuff that goes on in-between... and this is stuff I wouldn't miss for anything

Last year, Presidents Day weekend, I found myself in San Francisco for the first time ever.

Seeing the sites

Falling in love

Meeting what would become my future family.

So so little did I know then, that one trip, that one weekend, changed my life forever.

We really did fall more in love there.
I really did meet my future family.
And I really did want to commit my entire life to him.

Little did I know then, I had quite the year ahead of me.

An engagement, Uganda, wedding, signing up for a marathon, getting into graduate school, and topping it all of right where it all began...San Francisco.

The weekend following President's Day 2013 we found ourselves back in San Francisco.

This time we were married

We really did go full circle.

                                 2012 trip                                                                    2013 trip

Back to the place we first talked about marriage

Back to his home, where I met my future family

And even some new places like Full House and Sausalito

It really was full circle being back one year later.

When I look back at that year I am amazed how everything came together.

It was meant to be. Truly, meant to be. 

And I am proud to say that this last year, this silly little theme song has taken on a whole new meaning. 

Everywhere you look
There's a heart
A hand to hold on to
Everywhere you look
There's a face of somebody who needs who