Tuesday, September 23, 2014


According to Wikipedia, there are 86 songs titled "California." With probably hundreds or maybe a thousand other songs written about California.

So now that I live here, i'm starting to understand why it has attracted so much attention.

The weather really is that nice. (keep in mind, I am in the Bay Area, so it is different than the typical California weather everyone is probably imagining).

It really is that memorable: the views, the traffic, the food, the expense- it all seems to stand out (either good or bad).

Similarly, the traffic really is that bad: Don't plan on getting anywhere quickly...that's for sure. If google maps says 30 minutes, double it. At least. It may even be quicker to walk there.

It really is that diverse: i've never felt so boring in my life, but I suppose boring has to fit somewhere on that diversity scale too.

Food really is that yummy (and diverse): I've never seen so many countries represented down one road. Not only that, you have extreme variation for each country as well. For example, there isn't just Korean food, there is Korean noodles, Korean BBQ, Korean desserts, Korean etc... you get the picture.

Some Bay Area (Berkeley) people really are that liberal: the bathroom stalls are not etched with writing about lost boyfriends or name calling of girls, it is etched with hate-rid of plastic water bottles and unused compost.

People, although diverse, are quite accepting: no one seems to care that i'm a white, mormon girl. I'm just another person along their path of life and I quite enjoy that. People are all just people right? (But, like in all States, I have run into the occasional loony...)

Well that's about it for now, I mean, I have only been a California girl for a month.
So far so good though (other than missing my Utah people like crazy, of course).