Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daydream Believer, and a Homecoming Queen

I feel like daydreaming is all I want to do these days.

Let's see, It's one a.m. and I want to finish my essay before I go to bed. But what am I doing? Obviously not writing my essay! Right now I am writing a post about daydreaming, which is what I found myself doing before I decided to write this post about the daydreaming I was doing instead of my essay. Ya dig?

I daydream about sunshine
I daydream about summer time when I won't have homework (even though I will have homework...even in Thailand...Lame yeah?)
I daydream about predictable am I?!
I daydream about my best friends coming home from their missions SO soon.
I daydream about random things, pretty much wherever my mind will take me.

Now is the point in the semester when it's crunch time. The final projects I didn't even know existed until last week are due THIS week. Finals are quickly approaching. Schedules for next fall need to be figured out.

And all this happens while I can't focus on ANYTHING except my daydreams. Honestly, I'd pick a daydream over an essay about hobo's any day. But I'm kinda doubting that my professor would be okay with an essay about homecoming queens, boys, sunshine, and the yummy cookie I just ate. Hate that.

I am okay with the pattern that seems to be going on in my head though. I type a sentence about hobo's, then daydream about whatever I want. Then write a sentence about hobo's, and the process continues. Good thing this essay is only one page single spaced! Or else i'd never get to sleep.

P.S. Writing a one page essay is pretty dang hard when i'm getting so used to 6+ page ones!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Your Body, Body Language

Wanna know what's But that is for a whole other post. JUST KIDDING Wanna know what's cool for reals...bodies! They really are the greatest thing. It lets me live life. See the beauty around me. Smell the caramel brownies Rachel just made. Taste the caramel brownies Rachel just made. Touch anything fluffy (IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! name that movie). And hear the awesome music that gets me through anything and everything. Why am I thinking about the awesome-ness of bodies? While I am running, it's just one of those things you have to experience for yourself, but it is the COOLEST thing when your mind loses control and your body takes over. There is no way my mind would let me run for hours at a time. But somehow my body just kicks it into gear and off I go! There is this mysterious point of a run where my mind finally shuts up and lets my legs to the thinkin. It is a beautiful thing. Also! I find myself encountering a lot of needles this week, and I have to remind myself that bodies are good. Bodies are necessary. And shots are just a thorn on the rose of life. ha! Earlier this week I gave blood***. Seriously one of my favorite pastimes. If giving blood was a talent. Then I would have one talent. So I'm counting it. Giving blood is my talent. ***when the nice doctor man says don't do any exercise for 5 hours after giving blood....he means it. My "friend" cough cough learned that lesson the hard way...two miles away from her house.... Anyway, that was self inflicted needle poking that I can handle. How cool is it that we all have an extra liter of blood in us that can save someones life?! We were built with a service opportunity right in our veins. I love that. AND! How cool is it that we have an excuse to eat hundreds of calories of free cookies after? Tomorrow I am getting blood drawn to see what shots I have had in my lifetime. How cool is that?! I didn't even know they could do that! The only bad thing, it will tell me all the shots I DON'T have. And Thursday...oh Thursday. I'm dreading it. It is shot day. Like, pretty sure i'm excited for Thailand. But I am NOT happy for the dead arm that i'm going to have all weekend.... Wish me luck!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Blue (da ba de da ba di).

Contrary to popular belief, i'm not even blue!

You know those tests that everyone takes to figure out what color they are? Or what letter personality they are? Or what they are on the "happy scale"? Yeah those ones where you answer hundreds* of the same questions....well i've had to take a million* of them these days for one of my classes.

*no exaggeration


I don't think I exist. According to all of these tests, I seriously don't exist. You think i'm wrong?

On the color test I end up with all of them exactly even across the board
On the letter test I end up with the most "n's" which are the obscure words they throw in there that no one ever picks so they don't define it as a personality type. My teacher said that if you get mostly n then you should talk to a psychiatrist. I like to think he was joking...
On the authentic happiness test my number one "strength" is kindness. woopee everyone can be kind.
On the shape test I am almost all "z's." Last I checked, z is a letter...

You get what i'm saying?? Either there is no one like me that has ever created one of these tests. Not likely. I don't know myself well enough to answer the dumb questions. I hope that's not likely. Or I just don't fit into these lameo molds these tests try to create. I'm hoping for that option.

They are sort of entertaining to take I guess. Except, I can only answer the same question so many times!!

Do you like talking to other people?
Do you find conversing with other people fulfilling?
Do you find interaction with others enjoyable?
Do you enjoy talking to friends and family?

Come on now test making people. I'm pretty sure they are all asking me the same thing.

Well here you have it. I am a kind, rainbow, z, and n person? What does that even mean???


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Am Not Into The Idea Of Living Without You

Today was a sad day in my life.

The BYU basketball team lost...

After a well fought game, an astounding season, and the best team I'll probably ever see in my lifetime, their season came to an end.

And honestly, I am NOT into the idea of living without those boys and their games. They are pretty much the only thing to live for during Winter semester (other than Festival of Colors of course).

Winter semester is a bleak one. No breaks. Bad weather. Hard classes. Those boys make winter semester worth living. Am I being dramatic enough? Because this is a BIG DEAL people!!

Having their games to look forward to is great. Having a potential vacation hovering in my mind as they head to their next city is always a happy thought. But ya know, all good things must come to an end. What does that mean now?

See ya in the NBA Jimmer
One season closer to T-Haws coming back
One less excuse not to do my homework....
More free time on Wednesdays and Saturdays
And no dilemma for all the priesthood boys deciding between the game and priesthood session ha! Although, I would have been interested to see that...

GO COUGS! You got me through winter semester this far, I guess I'll have to find something else to hold me over for the next month...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Seasons May Change, Winter To Spring

I love rain.
I love tulips.
I love love. (everyone and their DOG is getting engaged these days!!)
I love sunshine.
I love running in shorts.
I love flipflops.
I love love songs. (for some reason they are just so great in spring time)
I love playing outside.
I love happiness and joy.
I love ice cream. (okay let's be honest, I always love ice cream)


Happy first day of spring!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Believe In Miracles

2 posts in one day? You got that right!
I'm not a fan of reading, or writing long blog posts. Sooo, I just decided to split it into 2.

Denver, ohhh Denver. This has been quite the trip so far. Boy do I have a story for you...

About three days ago my awesome bishop posted that he had two seventh row tickets to the NCAA tournament game in Denver. That meant two things: 1. I would get to watch my beloved Cougs play once again 2. My roomie Carrie lives near Denver..... SOLD. Luckily she spoke up for the tickets first and from that point on I was determined to go. Follow the basketball team that doesn't even know I exist another 1,000 miles? Why not...

I needed no reassurance on the awesomeness of the trip, Carrie on the other hand had the mental battle back and forth whether to go. Long long long story short, we ended up heading from Provo at 6:30 am on our way to good ol' Colorado.

Around 11:00 am or so we were making great time and stopped to pose in front of the Colorado boarder sign. We were giddy, happy girls who had been sitting in a car for four hours already. After the picture Carrie put the car in drive, umm the car didn't drive. And not only did it not drive, it rolled backwards. We were stranded exactly four hours from Provo and from Carrie's house. Well we said a prayer... let the miracles begin

Miracle #1 The car started moving the try after the prayer. Really, one of the most amazing things ever. The car somehow got us the next 10 miles to a gas station.

Miracle #2 Judah. Our miracle came in the form of a guy named Judah. Right when we were exiting the freeway the car stopped once again. After sitting there for a second, having no idea what to do, Judah appeared. He pretty much bush whacked up this hill to help push our car to the gas station. Judah happens to be a car guy, and quickly assessed that the transmission of the car was leaking essential fluid (ATF fluid to be exact, I learned many things on this trip). Sooo, he filled up the car and said that the steady leak should be slow enough to get us to Denver if we didn't stop and just hurried. Ohh if only Judah was right about this...

Miracle #3 We didn't get this guys name, but we fondly refer to him as mystery mechanic gold chain dude, but he was the bearer of bad news. He saw that the fluid was not a "steady leak" from the car, but I'd call it more of a gushing, dumping, white water rapid like flow. So gold chain man told us that we would be going NOWHERE in this car.

Miracle #4 Carrie and I were a mess. I don't think there was anything to do except laugh, and boy did we do a lot of that. So picture this. 2 girls, one useless car, middle of Fruita Colorado, 4 hours away from Denver, and about 5 hours until game time. WHAT DO WE DO?! Well, Carrie called a million different mechanics and tow places that either didn't exist anymore, or couldn't look at the car until next week. So that lead us to Monte's Mechanics in Grand Junction. First thing that happened, we realized Monte's was ran and owned by Mormons. That was pretty cool because we ended up hanging out with them for the next 5 hours...

Monte told us that the car transmission was useless and could not be fixed until next week. They tried so hard to find people in their ward that were going to the game as well to give us a ride, sadly no such luck. But they were so nice and didn't mind us just hanging out there until we knew what to do. So Carrie was on the phone constantly with family, her sister (whose car it was), and anyone else that could possibly get us un-stranded.

Miracle #5 Carries mom just happened to know of a family in their stake that was in Grand Junction and heading back to Carrie's neighborhood tonight. Talk about a miracle right?! We made contact with them and figured out that we were at least getting to Denver! Happiest news ever. The only problem, they were not planning on leaving until 5 or that means no game. I was over it upon the realization that at least I wouldn't be stranded anymore.

So we met up with this family who was very nice and accepting and so generous. They had two cars to drive back so Carrie ended up in one, and I was in the other. The whole time I was getting updates about the game through the shoddy service. Better than nothing though!

Miracle #6 We ended up driving in one of the worst snow storms I've ever been in, easily. Luckily we were both in trucks, but that did not mean much when cars were sliding all over the place going up and down the huge mountains. As we were driving I saw a few cars slide into others, one car tipped up on its side, and the worst part...I saw a semi going the other direction spin out of control hit the mountain, spin into the barrier, flip around then wedge between the mountain and the barrier. There were no cars getting past that for a while! But the barrier between the lanes completely saved the semi from flipping into our car. I know 100% that we would have been hit by it if the barrier wasn't there. One of the girls in the car and I were the only ones to see it, I don't think our heart beats slowed down for a while.

Miracle #7 We safely arrived at Carrie's house around 12:30 am. This drive was meant to last 8 hours, but instead lasted 16. Both Carrie and I were relieved to be here, but both felt as though we were at peace the whole time. So many things went wrong and yet, I never felt I was in danger. It was a pretty cool experience now that I look back on it. I knew that I was being watched over the entire time. I am sad that we missed the game, but we are here and safe. That is all I could ask for.

As for the rest of the trip, I'm hoping it's a lot less monumental. Luckily we get to see the team play on Saturday so that will be fun. GO COUGS! But I think I've participated in my fair share of miracles for the weekend, so I'm hoping for a boring, relaxing, homework, and basketball filled weekend.

Life is good, I'm unbelievably grateful for all the people that helped us out yesterday. Let's just say we have got a lot of thank you cards to write!

Might Be A Quarter Life Crisis

This whole spur of the moment thing seems to be a trend these days. Last week, Vegas, this week....DENVER!

I have been thinking a lot about how everyone chooses to live their lives in different ways. Everyone has the times when they just need to break from the norm and live it up! I choose to "live it up" by being spontaneous.

Trip to Thailand
2 different trips to Vegas with 5 minutes notice
Trip to Denver with a few hours notice
....seems to be a trend here right?

Luckily, being spontaneous and dropping your life for the sake of an adventure is not the only way to live it up. Some people choose eating an extra piece of cake, some choose the all rebellious not doing a reading assignment, some choose a dance party in their kitchen. There are so many ways to let go for a bit and just live life how you want to! All of them are fun, all are personal and individual, and all are important. If everyone chose the same tactic in doing this, well lets just say there would have been a lot of people driving to Denver last night, or there would be a froyo shortage in all the world. Everyone is willing to go to various lengths to add some variation in their life. I guess I choose spontaneous travel, but not everyone has to to that!

I think this just might be my quarter life crisis. I figure I have lived 20 years, at least 15 of those have involved going to school, so why not branch out a few weekends to mix things up.

I only have so much to show for my 20 years of life. Now at least, I know when I look back on it i'll have no regrets. School and reality will always be there when I get back. But when else in my life can I drop everything and peace out for a weekend?!

So everyone, go live it up today! Whatever that means to you. If it means adding an extra mile on your run for the feel of it! If it means making a delicious cake, do it and save me a piece :) ! If it means being adventurous and meeting a new person, tell them I say hello. If it means a dance party, turn on your ipod and don't hold back. The options are endless. You just gotta do it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

There Will Be An Answer, Let It Be

Vegas was fun, super random but fun nonetheless. There was definitely sunshine, and definitely basketball. So I got what I asked for!

But....on the way home from Vegas to St George I had the weirdest experience.

We were listening to the Beatles for easily the tenth time that trip. And we listened to Let It Be for easily the 100th time in my life. But for some reason something just hit me.

I feel like i'm discontent these days. I wish I could explain it. That one feeling where I wish some things were going different, or I feel like I'm missing out on something. Where I want answers but am just not getting them. When my stomach just aches for no reason. I am sure everyone can relate. It's not always, just sometimes, and pretty rare for that matter. There isn't one thing that's wrong, definitely not one thing specifically, just something. Some mysterious thing that is making me want to cry sometimes or curl into a ball. Nothing too dramatic I promise! Just a weird feeling sometimes.

But when I was listening to this song I just felt so peaceful. Finally right?!
And from a Beatles song?? Really??

I always wonder whether I'm trying to push my will on my Heavenly Father rather than trusting his divine, heavenly, perfect, healing advice. I know that I deny his peace by pushing what I want instead, I'm sure I do it all the time. The price I pay for being stubborn I guess. But, there will be an answer if I just let things be. If I choose to be happy, look for the positive, remember my blessings, and keep an open mind, there will be an answer for all things. It's been proven to me many times that things never work when I get what I want, it is when i'm willing to forget what I want and accept the will of my Father in Heaven that my life goes smoothly. That is when I feel closest to him and the path that he wants me on. Sometimes I don't know if I'm walking blindly or coasting it out until my answer comes. But as the Beatles say in my favorite verse...

And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be

He will always be there whispering those words of wisdom that I need to hear. I just need to Let It Be

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a Beautiful Night, We're Looking For Something Dumb To Do

So...I'm going to vegas. Vegas? Vegas!! (now name that movie)

A weekend of basketball and sunshine, count me in!

I'm getting pretty good at these impromptu, totally spur of the moment decisions.

Namely, Thailand. That's a pretty good example. I guess It's about time I told this random, rushed, insanely perfect story.

I was in a meeting with the head of the sociology department who then introduced me to another professor. He told me that he was in charge of students going to Thailand and that I should consider it. Well, I stood there, thought for a second, considered it, and I was sold. You could have asked me that second whether I was going to Thailand or not and I would have told you yes. I could not tell you how I was going to manage it all, but I think I was determined enough to make it happen. I came back to my apartment, told my roomies I was going and got to work.

That gave me exactly 5 days to get my application in. Two professor recommendations. Scholarship applications. A resume. 3 essays. Check, check, and check. It was all completed like clockwork.

Somewhere between finding out about this opportunity and submitting my application I told my mom I was going to Thailand. Everyone asks me what my parents think about this whole thing and honestly, I don't know if I gave them much of a choice. (sorry about that mom). I just knew it was something I wanted to do, and something I needed to take on financially, on my own.

So. I was accepted and going to Thailand. But how in the world was I supposed to pay for it... I got creative. I applied for scholarships but I knew that would be barely enough for the tuition and program costs. That left me with one expensive plane ticket and led me to one generous professor. Ultimately we decided that I would do research while i'm there and....she bought my plane ticket. Talk about a tender mercy right?! Between that and my scholarships, I am not paying one penny for this trip. I am one blessed girl!

I wish I could sufficiently explain how smoothly this has all gone. I don't know what i'm supposed to do in Thailand, but I do know that i'm supposed to be there. Things have gone too perfectly to think otherwise.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm So Rumbly In My Tumbly, Time For Something Sweet

Why am I hungry, ALL THE TIME? (name that movie)

But I ask you in all seriousness, why am I hungry all the time?!

I don't know if college did it to me, or if some food sucking animal took over my body. Either way, i'm choosing to place the blame elsewhere. I would so not choose to do this to myself.

Not even joking, Too Much Food just came on in my itunes shuffle. Ironic? I think so.

I wake up, eat. Go to school, wish I was eating instead. Get home, eat. Do homework, while thinking about eating. Then eat more. Sounds over dramatic? Nah. Sounds about right to me. But the problem is...I never have food. Sometimes I make the trek to wallymart but that only lasts so long when all I do is eat it! So usually I end up daydreaming about eating and somehow that side tracks me until the next time I can eat an actual meal. Weird how that works.

Next song on itunes, Food Chain. My life is a joke. I think my itunes is trying to tell me something....

So to sum it up though... I live from meal to meal.

Ohhh, HOLD UP!

Next song on itunes, good ol Ke$ha. I knew Ke$ha had all the answers to my life questions!

Your love is my drug.

I have just come to a conclusion.. I am hungry all the time because I don't have a man person to side track me!!! I just know that is the answer. I am trying to replace my crush void with a pb&j. What does Oprah call these? Aaha moments? Well everyone, I just had one with Ke$ha, who knew that was possible? So until some crush comes along, I guess a trip to walmart it is!

Well... I better go find a solution to this rumbly in my tumbly . A cookie or a man, whatever I find first.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Too School For Cool

Usually I fall under this whole "Too school for cool" category. Okay maybe that's a lie.
Maybe I just say i'm choosing to do homework for the weekend when really it's an excuse because I don't have anything else to do...hate that.

Well, this week I SOOO wasn't too school for cool. Actually I ditched the scholarly life for one of a hobo. Seriously, full on hobo.

Slept in a tent, on concrete (no cushion)
Froze to death
Ate food that people gave to me
Brushed my teeth in various buildings on campus
Wore every item of warm clothes I owned
Didn't shower
Didn't look in a mirror

All in all, I was a hobo.
And honestly, I loved it. I got to forget about school a little bit, and people were so generous! I have never been given so many good things to eat ever! The life of a hobo aint too shabby! No one judges you when you don't have makeup on or your hair done, they actually pity you. And that pity results in cupcakes, jamba, brownies, cookies, the list goes on. Lucky right! I highly suggest it. I also suggest it when your "hoboness" is for these guys

Yep, those are my boys. They are awesome. They are talented. They are winners. And they are the reason I slept in line for a basketball game. I wouldn't trade those three nights of poor sleep for anything. Very very worth it. Not only have these boys defined my sophomore year of college, they have gotten me through many a tough week. Always a game to look forward to, always happy faces on campus, and just so awesome.

I am proud to say that we didn't just start going to these games once Jimmermania began. I think I can count on one hand the number of games I haven't watched since i've been to college. Thanks to my fellow die-hard roomies and friends, we love byu sports. We love this basketball team, enough to sacrifice a few days of sleep and school. Not even one regret.

GO COUGARS, all I can say....Vegas better bet high on these boys!