Monday, June 27, 2011

But I been done seen about everything When I see an elephant fly

Sometimes in life you realize that other people are better than you at things.

It's just a fact of life you have to accept.

Like when an elephant can do things better than you. Like way better. That is when you learn that lesson.

Such as soccer. Which I have played my whole life mind you.

elephant soccer from Hayley H on Vimeo.

And following commands.

And Painting. I have HANDS and I can't even paint that well. HANDS here people! They have a massive trunk that even blocks their vision and they paint better than I do!

And hula hooping.
And harmonica-ing (?). (the hum in the background are all the harmonicas). PS have you EVER seen them move their trunks like that? Weird if ya ask me. And i'm sure you're asking me.

Untitled from Hayley H on Vimeo.

And massaging.

And basketball.

Untitled from Hayley H on Vimeo.

Really? Elephants can do those things?

Next thing I know the elephants are going to know how to whistle and pogo stick and sing and stick out there tongue, all of which I still can't do... and then they could taunt me like the rest of my friends...

Elephants are awesome though. So I don't really care that they are better at things than me. K I kinda care. I can barely paint a tree. And yet the elephant painted a pretty one. I'm still bitter...

And another thing. Why are they so endearing?

Now that is cute.

And that, ehh it's kinda cute.

More on pokey, smelly, dirty, NASTY breath kinda cute.

And yet I find myself smitten with them. All pokey, hairy, smelly, dirty piece of them.

Is that my type? Hmmm....makes ya wonder...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Used To Have A Little, Now I Have A Lot

Sometimes I get Mexican food in Utah.

And sometimes I get Mexican food in Thailand.

I lie, I only did that once. Yesterday actually.

I'm proud of myself, i've pretty much ditched all other food for Thai. Uhh except breakfast... I eat cereal, yogurt, granola, ya know, all that American goodness intermixed with Thai goodness. And some mornings I have both because I can't decide which goodness I want more. No denying myself any food desires here!

But I haven't even craved home food all that much.

Okay...i lie again. I have only craved a few things from home, the bad part is that i've craved them hard! BBQ Hamburgers and pretty much anything baked. Such as cake and muffins and cup cakes. The cake here is spongy and weird, so I avoid it for the sake of not heightening my cravings.

Anyway, Mexican food HIT. THE. SPOT.


I've never been to Mexico so I don't really know what constitutes real Mexican food. But it felt more Mexican than Cafe Rio if that helps ( only Mexican reference point is Cafe Rio...which WILL be my first meal when I get home.)

Funny thing is. It was Anna's first time having Mexican food. Or seeing it. Ever. Say whaaaaa???

Trying to explain what a tortilla is and sour cream and a burrito and a taco and an enchilada is a HARD thing. Try it one day. Especially to someone that doesn't speak your language.

We ended up ordering her a combo plate consisting of a quesadilla, burrito, and taco. She was stunned at the mass amount of food but handled it like a champ. Another funny thing. We had to show her how to tilt her head in order to eat her taco. I guess my taco eating skills are something I take for granted. But once again, she was a champ.

So it was a cultural experience for all. I got to experience Mexico in Thailand, and Anna got to eat a taco. Sounds like a good night to me!  

I think this is a fitting picture of everyone. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If you hear any noise It ain't the boys , it's Ladies Night

Girls Night

Ya know, talking (about boys let's be honest), eating, movies, crying, laughing, pillow fights (ha nahhh) just a good ol night with the girls.

Thanks to all my awesome girl friends at home i've been pretty well practiced in this area.

And thanks to my girls here, we got to experience girls night. Thailand style.

(these things happened in two nights but just work with me here)

It began with smoothies because everything begins with smoothies in Thailand.

Then pedicures

nothin like being fanned by spongebob and a thai lady

Then night market shopping which is pretty much a nightly occurrence these days.

On another girls night occasion we ended up with tandem bike rides on a NOT tandem bike. And an entire ice cream cake to share. No bowls, just forks. What more could you ever need?

Thank you Dairy Queen for completing our girls night

check it. i'm rockin the fisherman pants. probably for the rest of my life.


3 minutes later

5 minutes later


5 girls. 5 forks. 1 cake = perfection...

...and very full tummys.

Does it help that we at least had to ride our bikes to pick it up? Nahh. Who cares?

I hear all calories taken in during a girls night are void. Proven study I think. Just sayin...

We Are Children Of The World

We are children of the world - watching every day go by 
Like a bird in the wind, like a tree in the storm 
Like the breath of a child from the moment he's born 
Till the very last day when the curtains are drawn 
We are children of the world - watching every day go by 
Changes my life, changes your life - keeps us all anticipating 

Good ol Beegees, they always know what's up.

This last weekend we were able to go do projects at an orphanage in Doi Saket. 

We moved this massive roof thing because we were the "strong white volunteers." Little did they know, the little kids would be stronger than most of us. But we worked hard to keep up with the 12 year olds... and not fall in the massive concrete abyss  

Then we dug a ditch to avoid flooding in one of the houses. Lots of hard, hot work but it felt good to get dirty in service.

Finally, we filled bags with mud to build up their dam. Mosquito infested area so we all know what happened to my legs...but once again it was fun to help. The little kids all worked so hard right by our side. Many of the kids are deaf and all of them speak sign language. This greatly limited our communication abilities but it was amazing how easy it is to bond with kids even though you can't talk to them. 

The highlight was EASILY the spur of the moment swimming. Think nasty brown water with a pure mud floor, my white shirt turned completely brown, and the cutest little kids hanging all over you. It was like a dream. Noah and I threw some of the kids in the air. We should have known that we would be stuck doing that for most of the time. It was a good arm workout though. Tony (p90x man) would have been proud. 

Another part of the workout, I mean swimming. Chicken wars. Now that I think about it, that was probably the first time i've played that game since I could be the one sitting on the shoulders. That means it's been a looooong time. But it reminded me why I haven't played that game since then, it is painful! I didn't know how much the person on bottom got the shaft! And dang those kids are strong! It was fun but my back is still feelin it.

It was a great weekend. Fun to sweat for a purpose opposed to just sweating cause...oh wait, scratch that. I'm always sweating. I guess the excuse was nice for a change. 

It just reminds me that we are all the same. These kids were so cute and so fun, we couldn't even talk to them and yet we completely bonded. One of the little deaf girls (the one on my shoulders) even gave me a name in sign. I've always wanted one, I feel honored! What a great weekend, one of my favorites! Cheesy but true, we are all children of the world. Just different parts with different cultures and experiences. But the same nonetheless

ps thanks andrew and laura for the pictures!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We just wanna make the world dance, Forget about the Price Tag

A Thai, Candian, and American board a red truck

Two Americans (me and Colleen) follow their lead and board as well.

We all chat, small talk mostly.

The Thai, Canadian, and Michiganian (?) are together in Chiang Mai because Michiganian got her passport stolen out of her bike basket. They are in Thailand to learn how to be missionaries. So they are nice people with dredlocks and stuff.

The Thai, Canadian, and Michiganian unboard the red truck and pay for their ride.

As we are pulling away with the two Americans (me and Colleen) still aboard. The Canadian yells that they had some spare change and paid for our red truck ride.

I love Thais, Canadians, and Michiganians. They really did make two Americans (me and Colleen) so happy.

We couldn't stop smiling and talking about how nice they were. They paid for our ride and didn't even know us!!! They are so kind and thoughtful I can't even stand it.

Time to pay it forward.

Now I just need to think of a creative way how...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dog Days Are Done

This usually refers to heat I guess??

My blog, my rules.

So this will now refer to dogs. Actual real life dogs. Because I know all too well that the heat is no where near done. Either are the dogs I guess, but a girl can dream huh??

I am not a dog person. Not one bit. Like, they can be cute and stuff. But only cute when they are far away and having nothing to do with me.

I've grown up in a family where dogs are really really disliked (my mom doesn't despise anything, so she says) and thus, the dislike has passed on to me

It doesn't really help that I was pinned to a tree by 2 pit-bulls when I was younger. I'm still traumatized. And like to milk it for all it's worth, perfect excuse if ya ask me.

But here in good ol Thailand, dogs are EVERYWHERE! It is nuts. I ride my bike around and there must be something about a white girl on a bike that dings on every bump that attracts all dogs and weirdos. 

So far i've had some pretty quality experiences. 
      One time, I watched a baby pee on her mom while she was trying to drive a motorcycle. she was attempting to hold her off the side while driving. Pretty funny if you ask me.

      I don't go a day on my bike without someone yelling, "HELLO! You beautiful. Where you going?" Not like they could understand me if I answered them (which I don't). But really? Of all the English words to know and they pick those phrases...

      Got chased by 5 dogs at one time. Most of them were yappy little annoying ones. But still! Those things could totally kill me if they wanted.

      Yesterday two older guys sang a song to me as I rode past them. Something to the extent of "ohh you are so beautifulllll....where you going?" Ya know, the usual.

     Got my behind grabbed by a truck drivers friend while I was riding my bike and he was in the passenger seat. Didn't even know that was possible! And I had absolutely do clue what to do. My first response was to laugh. And laugh hard! I was trying to keep it in so he didn't get any more ideas, but it was just too funny.

I'm super grateful for my bike. It allows me a lot of freedom and saves me a lot of money. We all have these brightly colored, old fashioned, super junky bikes that we end up riding around. When we all get together it's a pretty funny sight. A whole bunch of white kids in a row of colored, crappy bikes. Love it though.

The only downfall is those dumb dogs. When i'm riding home late at night I try to zone out and haul! Usually gripping my phone to death. Mostly the rides are uneventful, don't worry mom. Other times I encounter some dogs that would like to eat me. But all in all, I take the advice from Florence and the Machine  
Run fast for your mother; run fast for your father Run for your children all your sisters and brothers Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can't carry it with you if you want to survive 

True dat Florence, true dat!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Everybody Makes Mistakes, Everybody Has Those Days

Sometimes I do dumb things.

Such as

Covering my head with a book when I walk around my house because I think lizards are going to fall on top of me

Jumping around screaming as I walk to my back door because i'm attempting to dodge a MASSIVE jumping frog

Running into the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle that I parked my bike next to. (if anyone knows how to handle burns i'm game for any and all suggestions)

Running my bike into an opening car door

Running into a pole while i'm walking

Pretending I speak Thai

Pretending I know what i'm eating or being daring enough to actually ask what i'm eating. I always regret that the second after I ask. I don't mind eating a bowl full of chicken. But once I learn I just ate a bowl full of chicken heads and feet I get a little nauseous...

Throwing a towel on a lizard in order for it to not jump on me. Dumb because 1) I need that towel to get from my shower to my room 2) I have to get 10 times closer to the lizard to grab the towel back off of it.

Usually I don't do dumb things.

Just sometimes.

Makes life more exciting I guess. If it wasn't already exciting enough...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's See How Far We've Come

Well. I have officially been in Thailand over one month. That is the weirdest thought to me. Some days I feel like i've been here forever, others I still feel like an awe struck tourist. One month down, two to go. That thought makes me sad already. Luckily I have a lot of adventures to show for my time here. Let's recap a bit shall we? Some you may have seen, i'll try to go for the stuff i've skipped.

Arrived by airplane after a 24 hour travel adventure. Highlight, umm I mean lowlight FULL. BODY. PATDOWN. Miss that one?  Well here ya go!

Moved in and attempted to get comfortable. Turned my room into home with a few pictures, threw myself into the culture via food, and tried to learn the city. (the last one of those I am still working on)

Met the bugs. And boy did I meet them. To this day I have countless bug bites on my body. No big deal, we've bonded

Ate food. Always full and yet always eating. That's how it goes here. It is about time I introduce you all to khao neo mamuung (mango sticky rice) = BEST. DESSERT. EVER. Go out to a Thai restaurant and get some. It's worth it.

Attempted to do P90X. Yeah that was a one time thing. My roommates can attest, I sweat enough doing it in Provo. In the winter. So trying it here was a JOKE! Anna got a kick out of watching me though.

Rode on this 

And this

And this

Fell in love with the Monks

And their Wats

Did NOT fall in love with this. (you can tell i've lost all sense of self-consciousness if I can post this picture for the public to see...) What a gem of a picture huh?

Went bush wackin for some rice

Hauled some other rice. Let's not confuse the mud on my legs for boots.

Stirred some sugar

Met some amazing people.

Anna: Roomie/friend/mother figure/chef/sister. you name it, she's been it! Love her to death

BYU Thailand Crew: (from left to right) Becca, Bronwen, Jessica, Colleen, Me, Noah, Andrew and Laura. Love em all. They really have made this trip so amazing.

Plus the children and hill tribe village people. And the Big C workers. And the market people that sell me food and ovaltine and Roti. And my tuk tuk drivers. And Rambo our trek leader. And our tour guide man. And seriously, every person i've met here. Couldn't ask for nicer people!

I work all day, 9-5 then have an adventure of a night. Every day includes something new, and nothing seems to get old. Even rice. For every meal. Always. 

One month down, two to go. Crazy!!