Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Foggy Day in London Town

Jonathan told me i'm really hot and cold with this whole blog thing.

It's true.

When life gets busy and fun and exciting and I might actually have something worth while to write about...

I am cold.

Then when I really want something busy and fun and exciting to happen...

I am hot.

So all in all, the ironies of life apply to this here blog as well.

Europe though.

Europe was all the busy, fun, and exciting I ever could have asked for.

We toured, we ate, we posed, we walked, we pretty much did it all. And it was perfect.

We began it a little ol' town called London.

Not little?

Fact. Not little. As evidenced by my worn out boots that I ended up wearing every day due to rainy weather.

But holy cow was it everything I ever wanted it to be.

First I have to mention the place we stayed at. Here is a little panorama to paint the picture for you.

The view

It was unbelievably beautiful. Only fair seeing as everything else we saw was unbelievably beautiful as well.

We weren't in London too long, but certainly long enough to do all of the London musts

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace and Changing of the Guards

 Going to Hogwarts

Messing around in those SMELLY phone booths

Soakin up Piccadilly Circus

Bugging the guards

Being the guards

Fish n Chips

St Pauls

Tea and Scones at The Orangery at Kensington Palace

Tower of London

Seeing Anne Boleyn's beheading site. All the more interesting to me after I read the oh so scandalous "The Other Boleyn girl"

Toured with the Beefeater

Westminster Abbey

West End Play

The Tube

It really was a dream of mine to go to London. And I am beyond grateful for the chance I had to get there. 

Thank you London for living up to my dreams!

And then came...

One missed plane to paris. 
One long sleepless night in the train station

And the totally-worth-the-wait arrival in PARIS

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, Friday!

I have decided I have a new favorite day.


Because I don't have to run.

I have a feeling that mentality is not the best one for a trying-to-run-a-marathon-er.

But it's the best I can do for now.

I am about two weeks into my training and tomorrow i'm expected to run more than I ever trained for a half marathon. I would train for a half marathon for MONTHS before I ran 10 miles. Now i've trained for 2 weeks and they expect the same from me.

Can I quit?

Whose idea was this whole marathon thing anyway??

But I mean, it is a cool goal right? Even if I crawl over the finish line in probably over 5 hours?


Sometimes I wonder...


I don't want this blog to turn into this...

How can you tell if someone ran a marathon

So later i'll post about the greatest whirl-wind Europe trip ever!!  And NOT post about the fact that I am dreading the 10 miles....i'll just think that part to myself...and probably Jonathan.