Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your Body Is a Wonderland

Oh the things people do for money...

Like subjecting themselves to experimental testing...check

Waiting in long lines for free anything...check

Only going bowling once a semester because it is free only once a semester...check

No more ice cream runs because we don't have our money filled student cards...check

Ya catchin my drift?

Well I feel plasma is stooping to an all time low. Or our need for money is at an all time high so we need to maximize our profits... I like to think it is the latter.

No one should be sitting in a chair while the man sticking needles into you is talking with another man sticking needles into someone else about how tired and loopy they are. You should never hear them say that they are just gonna do it with their eyes closed. You should never hear them say that they have had such a long day that they can barely keep things straight. You should never hear them say they missed. You should never hear them say that you have a delicious vain. And you should also NEVER HEAR THEM SAY OOPS!

Well, maybe I just learned my lesson. Is it that I should stop giving plasma because one of the workers made me cry? Or they squirted blood on me? Or they made my finger bruise? Of course not! My lesson is just that I better donate plasma well before closing time.

I mean come on, I've gotta get to Disneyland somehow!!

If my body has stuff in it that I don't need, and someone else needs it? Well shoot, count me in. Count me even more in if I get some money. And count me double in if my needle sticking guy doesn't talk about the fact that he doesn't know what he's doing!! I mean, I like my arm, i've grown rather fond of it over the years. And hey plasma man! I'd rather keep it if ya know what I mean!!!

Disneyland approximately $400
Money earned from plasma so far $70

Days until we leave 37.

What does that mean? I sure wish I could go more than twice a week...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday To...

This blog is almost one year old. If only we could celebrate a blogs birthday... Cause that would mean I would get cake...I always like getting cake. 

Weird though.

Weird how much has happened, how much I've changed, how much I've seen, and how much is yet to come. 

I started this blog to document my preparation for, and time in Thailand (in addition to all the other random stuff I felt like writing at the time)

As I look back on my first post, I realize how much has not changed, among all the stuff that has. I still:

Write essays to Enya
Cry to John Mayer and the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Party to (not limited to however) Ke$ha, Lady G, Venga Boys, BEPS, Akon, just the usual
Craugh (crying and laughing at the same time, weird I know) to Sara Bareilles
Mookie (it's going to be the next big dance crazy, watch for it on youtube. And you thought the jerk was big!) to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING
Jam to All The Above by Akon
Reminisce to Tiny Dancer

plus the addition of 

studying to any and every movie soundtrack
loving life to I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
gaining an appreciation for Hyphe and Sia...
crying to Adelle

plus oh so many more. Music is still my life, and many lyrics seem to describe it now more than ever. 

Since the beginning of the blog I have managed to con 26 people into sticking with me (thanks by the way). About 8,000 page views, which I am convinced are mostly mine. And 120 posts of pure, random life with music lyric titles that describe them to a T. 

My most read post is this one. Looking back on it, my life would have been so much better this last year if I could have just taken my own advice. I still remember this moment, it was a big one for me. I still find myself among all the decisions and change that I was back then, but I am content now, well at least I try to be. I have realized I can not rush what I can not change. And I see no need in wasting my time rushing my life away when I have so much to stop and be happy about. 

The next most read post is this one. When I was just rereading that I felt a crazy surge of emotions. Fear for myself, knowing what is ahead of me at that point in time. Longing, I would do anything to go back to Thailand. Happiness, little did I know it then, when I was writing that post I was embarking on the most life changing experience I could ever imagine. Oh how clueless I was, ha! I just laugh at that smiling face that had no idea what was to come... and yet I am choosing to do it all over again in Uganda

Whether I was running a race, getting a full on airport pat down, riding on elephants, stessin out over school or boys, loving life with my family, friends and roommates, crying...a lot, transitioning back to American life, closing down my parents store, saying by to my brother and his family, marrying off a roommate and sending another on a mission, marrying two of my best friends, being happy, adventurous, sad, excited, depressed, it all just reminds me that life is one crazy adventure. 

Only one more year of my life down, with a lot to show for it, and even more to get me excited for what is to come. Change is scary, I think that is my biggest lesson of 2011. I have a feeling I got the opportunity to learn that in 2011 so that I am ready and willing to accept the changes of 2012. Only 21 days in and I know it is going to be an adventure of a year. 

Ya know what though, I am ready for it. Because....well, game on I say! The change is inevitable, so I might as well make it what I want it to be, something exciting and awesome and new. Nothing wrong with exciting and awesome and new right? 

Welcome 2012, welcome to year 2 of the blog. I find myself in a similar spot as last year. Preparing and fearing for another life changing adventure in Uganda. And preparing for the twists and turns that are just gonna come whether I am ready or not. Like I said when my parents store was closing... I choose not to run from the change, I choose to stand up and face it. Because it is coming for me whether I am turning my back on it and running, or facing it face forward with my army of friends and family by my side. They will always be at my side, another good lesson of 2011. The people that love me will always love me. And I will ALWAYS love them.

Hey 2012, come and get me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Man, I Love College

A day in the life of a college student tends to be one of boredom, repetition, homework, work, wanted naps, not had naps, food (or lack thereof) ya know, pretty same old.

But some days....OH some days. Things can get pretty interesting.

Take today for example.

Sarah J and I got termites dumped on us. For real.

We were sitting in Bio 100, yes we, Juniors in college, are taking Bio 100 with all the Freshman. Speaking of those Freshman...we were doing our experiment which included watching termites follow a line on a piece of paper. Easy yeah? Us sophisticated Juniors were handling it like champs, while the girls next to us somehow, I will never know how, DUMPED OUT THEIR TERMITES!!!

All over my backpack and my feet. Which of course means that they are well on their way up to my head, burrowing their nasty squirmy selves through my body. I just know it. Ever seen a termite?

Well now you have. Don't have nightmares about them crawling all over your body like I will have. It's not fun...dumb freshman.

Another exciting day? Well, when these guys hung out in our living room of course.

Yeah you see that right. Lizard, weasel, man eating wolf, Hedwig, turtle, nbd. 
Turkey... Meg said she'll never have another Thanksgiving dinner without that little guy sitting by her side.

 That otter was dang cute if I don't say so myself

Animal party isn't complete without Hedwig!

 And something that would eat me if it could...

And the oh so cuddly(?) lizard which took the cake as Megs favorite

Those are REAL, well they were real... and it became pretty much normal to walk down my stairs in the morning to be greeting by a murderous looking wolf.

Among all the boring, same old days of college, luckily it is days like these that finally spice it up a bit.

Oh and how could I forget....another out of the ordinary day was when the roommates decided we are up and selling out bodies (plasma mom, no worries) to get to Disneyland. It's real. 6 weeks to get rich off my internal fluids. game on.

Hey Aladdin! See you soon!